An Update from Hadley

Hadley, John and Sarah

Gentle Readers,

It’s been nine months since I published the epilogue for my story about Hadley Ferguson, my intrepid friend with multiple system atrophy. I thought you might appreciate this update in her own words, written for the 2017 MSA Coalition’s fundraising effort on this Giving Tuesday.

Dear friends and family,

I am 40 years old, a mother to a beautiful daughter, a wife to the most amazing husband, a daughter to wonderful loving parents, friend to many supportive dear people, and I have Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). I was originally diagnosed in 2010 with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. At…

Episode Thirty-Five: The Birth of a Book, the End of a Story

Happiness: when schoolmates turn out in vibrant force for a book signing.

Episode Thirty-Three: In the Clench of Critics

In progress: panel two of the Montana Women’s Mural

Episode Thirty-Two: Blank and Full of Expectation

Detail, work in progress on the Montana Women’s Mural

Episode Thirty-One: Parkinson’s Comes Home

Hadley and her daughter, Sarah (Photo by Cary Nowell)

Episode Twenty-Nine: The Sun Comes Up

Photo by Cary Nowell

Episode Twenty-Eight: Mountains to Murals

In Hadley’s studio, one of the two panels for the Montana Women’s Mural Project begins its life

Catherine Armsden

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