Medium Responses

Thank you so much for writing this. As on person said, your words perfectly exemplify the experiences you’ve had — and many other people have had — since childhood. As a white person, I often feel helpless. Watching murder after murder after murder, and then watching as police officers just get a slap on the wrist. It’s not just the murders, though. It’s everything. Racial profiling, little backhanded comments, responses that we are taught. I have had to re-train my way of thinking for the past 20 years — that is how ingrained racism is in our society. My father fought for black people in the work place. He fought for women in the work place. He corrected us as children when we repeated something we heard at school. It is so ingrained that we don’t even see it anymore. I mean, just look at every damn cartoon or tv show out there — look what happens when the “bad man” comes into play. Is he/she darker? Every. Single. Time. And yet the real terrorists in our country — the ones who actually go into schools and buildings and movie theaters shooting people up — are white men. I am glad people are speaking up. I am glad Black men and women are speaking up! How often I have wanted to ask, what is it like? Is it really as bad as I hear? But how does a white woman start that conversation? So I listen, and I absorb. And I change my way of thinking, and I teach the children around me to change their way of thinking. Because it kills me that my fellow humans are being treated this way.