Just write…right?

Morning, folks. I was reminded only two days ago that Medium even existed. Not only that but, looking at this updated format, it seems to exist in the perfect space I was looking for this year.

Sparing y’all the tiny details, I wrapped up my first semester of graduate school in December. After taking a hiatus from writing term papers for, oh, three or four years, knocking out three turned out to be way more difficult that I thought. I constantly berated myself “if you’d been writing more this whole time, this would be easy!”

So here I am — in my bathrobe, cup of coffee in hand — writing. (sidenote: I’m new to the bathrobe thing so sitting in my bathrobe, drinking coffee, seems silly to me. Also — comfy as fuck.) Since I didn’t start this on January 1, maybe I can stick to it. I can’t promise these posts will have much value to anyone else. I can tell you that I’ve toyed with the idea of a novel for the last six months. Truly, since I was age 5, but the last six months are the most prevalent to actually having a solid storyline.

Check out my Twitter and Instagram to get a better idea of what words you might find on here. For now…HAPPY FRIDAY! — C