Procrastination: A Love Story

Being a procrastinator, while also being a wildly organized person, is a fantastic blessing and a horrid curse, simultaneously. In the hour prior to class that I have to work on a taxing assignment, I’m here writing to y’all as well as printing random things, strolling to the water fountain, etc. Folks around me — hardcore focused. Me — just looking busy.

Personally, having extra time to organize to the nth degree is blissful. Realizing that I had this hour to work on something mid-day as opposed to tonight after a meeting and a social obligation will be harsh. The fact that I’ve put in writing that I already know the future makes it foolish. But, hey, writing is about honesty…and honestly, I bet I’ll working on this more interesting assignment that’s due in two weeks instead of the one that’s due tomorrow.

Update forthcoming…