No more data pukes, no more jargon

I’m the Data Presentation champion for the Department for Work and Pensions. That means I spend a lot of time thinking about charts. But not just charts — words are far more important for getting a point across. Often charts forget about words.

In this blog I’ll talk about charts I’ve found on the web — usually Twitter — and what I think about them. I’ll be saying what I like about each and what I think could be improved. All with reasons behind my thoughts and possibly some re-designs.

I want people to think more about why they’re visualising data. No more data pukes.

Think about the reader . Who are they? What do they already know? What do you want them to learn? How much time do they have to look at your chart? Do they event want to?

Think about the best way to tell your story. Is this the right chart? Would a table be better? Can you order the data to make it easier to understand? Have you used the right words? No more jargon!

This is for me mainly, but it’d be great if you joined in too. Tell me what you think, if you agree or disagree.

Talk data to me.

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