Designing better for people in disasters

TL;DR Homepage
Make it multilingual principle
BC government feedback

How we got there



Phases we were going to initially focus on

Identified problems

1st tool iteration

The first iteration of the multi-touch points tool
Some of the rationale for the first design

Researching the journey further

Mapping over 7 hours of evacuation and sheltering in place journeys

2nd tool iteration

Evacuation tool
Shelter in place tool

How is this more than just pretty mockups?

Making a principles library

Organizing our guiding insights into principles with examples and research
Our guiding research: Reports, frameworks, stories, behavioral economics, precedents, and user research.
Illustrating the principles through abstract UI.

How this meets our goals


Thanks for reading!

Designer @Microsoft, previously @Google, @YouTube, and @EmilyCarrU

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