Kind of perplexed as to how you run into so many of these situations and people.
Austin Glass

What is perplexing here is that your first thought is “how did you let this much shit happen to you?” (and then in a paternalistic way give your permission/support of her possible journalistic seeking with “I don’t think it’s a bad thing…”) instead of “holy crap, a person can encounter this much sexual violence in my culture!?” The entire campaign is for you, and everyone else, who remains surprised to find out what MANY women have survived…and hopefully to help people realize it happens constantly in a system that protects the behavior and BLAMES THE VICTIM as you have here, all the while thinking you’re just being curious and saving the day by asking the hidden question…. “AH, I bet she sought this out! Let me ask her…”. And what was she wearing each time, did you wonder that as well? The question of “did you seek this out?” begs her to relieve your sense of responsibility in the equation, b/c if it’s HER fault, then it’s not an US problem. Spoiler alert: it’s a BIG US PROBLEM.

I grew up in a rich, 98% white & Christian county, raised by my not-rich parents to be sweet, helpful, kind, hard-working and modestly dressed/behaved… and while I’ve gone about my good business, I have been assaulted and sexually harassed by an endless stream of men from gas station attendants, to bosses, to coworkers, to customers at restaurants where I worked, to my own uncle, to a man YESTERDAY who tried to use flirtation and pretend admiration to cut in a long line at the airport. It’s EVERYWHERE. #metoo #methree #meahundredtimes and please check your urge to ask me what I did wrong.

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