Leading a different lifestyle but I prefer not

If I didn’t come here, what would I do now?

Must looking at the computer screen in the dormitory and chatting with roommates about interesting things happened today. I would go to sleep soon. It is almost 22:00 in China. When we lied on the bed, we still had many things to talk about until we fell asleep.We may have many work to do in group.I enjoy that feeling to finish one task with people who have the same intereste with me.

We had a course called TV and radio news report this semester which was taught by our class teacher. He said he would arrange 8 homework this semester. Every time I read the messages in our class group on wechat, I felt a little contradictory.

On one hand, I felt lucky I am here and I don’t need to look after that homework. But on the other hand, I felt a little afraid and regretful I lost this chance to practice. Although I don’t want to become a journalist, I must know how to do that because that’s my major. If I couldn’t do well in journalism, how can I do well in movies, a major which is stranger to me.

I am afraid because I don’t learn anything useful here. I got up late and enjoyed the slow life here. I had no stress because classes here are so relaxed and didn’t have anything to do with my future. I would like to become a film producer. Now I am in my third year and it will end at this semester. I have many things to do such as preparing for Ielts exam, preparing for exams for postgraduate schools, finding internship in summer vacation. So many things, every time I think of it , I feel very stressed but I could do noting. Lifestyle here makes me lazier.

Greece is a really beautiful country, very very beautiful. I planned to have my honeymoon in Santorini in the future. Now I come earlier, I have stayed here as an Erasmus student for about two months. Living here is a nice choice because of blue sky, fresh air, clear sea and beautiful architecture. I have to submit it is a good living place but it is not suitable for young people, at least for me now. All of my classmates in China are considering their career future at this time and are stuggling for it but I could only do few things and enjoyed the life here. I felt a little guilty.

If I had a chance to choose again, I would give up this chance. It is more suitable for a sophomore to enrich their life experiences, but not suitable for a senior student to avoid stress.I prefer Greece as a honeymoon choice afterwards.

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