News Review: CNN reports on devastation in Baton Rouge, LA

News review stories are assignments from my Writing Across Platforms class at Grady College, University of Georgia. The assignment was to find a developing story from a news organization and report on it with 150–200 words.

The Story:

Last week, Louisiana experienced terrible floods. According to CNN, 60,000 people lost their homes and the flood left $30 million dollars in damage. CNN mentioned the Red Cross’ statement, as they said it was the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy four years ago. CNN reporters Holly Yan and Rosa Flores cover the devastation, linked here.

Why this story:

Being from Baton Rouge, this story hits home. My grandparents’ house was destroyed in the flood and they had to be rescued by the National Guard after a failed rescue by local police late Saturday night. My brother and mom went to Baton Rouge this week to help rebuild, but I was unable to join.

Social media reaction:

CNN disabled user comments on their web page, but they did tweet about the flood, along with a picture of the damage. They also tweeted that one of their reporters is from Baton Rouge, so it hits home for them as well. Most comments under the tweet were about President Obama. Commentators were upset that Obama did not cancel his golfing trip to visit the state at their time of need. One commentator said “Our hearts ache for Baton Rouge, while Obama’s back aches from those double bogeys.”

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