“Art Fair Philippines 2016: An experience”.

AESTHETICS 2nd Term AY 2015–2016 

Photo by Jean Cyrill Barlam

Last Friday (February 19, 2016), After french class I went to The Link in Makati to experience the Art Fair Philippines 2016. “Founded in 2013, Art Fair Philippines is the premier platform for exhibiting and selling the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art. The fair aims to mirror the vibrant local art scene and continue to generate support for Filipino art practitioners. Set in an alternative urban venue, Art Fair Philippines makes art accessible to enthusiasts and to those who want to discover one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting art landscapes.”

HISONLY (His Only Son) by Daniel Dela Cruz

Solo Exhibition at Art Fair Philippines 
Art Cube Gallery Booth 2, Level 6, The Link, Parkway Drive, Ayala Center, Makati.

I’m going to post the pictures of the artworks from HISONLY (His Only Son) that I found in the internet. source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1073247459362859.1073741865.458594200828191&type=3 . I will also post pictures that I took. The reason why i’m posting pictures from the internet because I want you to see the artworks clearly. The photos I took were not that clear because it was dark inside and there were so many people inside the art cube.

The artworks inside the art cube are all mixed metal sculpture. There are 40 (if i’m not mistaken) sculptures inside.




A closer look




I took this photo. I can’t find something like this on the internet. The one on the left is called “He will wipe away every tear — Revelation 21:4”. The one in the middle is called “And I will give you rest — Matthew 11:28”. and the one in the right is called “Him who strengthens me — Philippians 4:13”.


Now let me show you the photos that I took inside the art cube.

What did I think was the collective message being conveyed by the exhibition as i engaged myself with the works?

HISONLY got my attention out of all the exhibits in the art fair. Compared to others, this was one of the few exhibits that was inside a dark room, other exhibits were open. It was pretty unique because the artist, Daniel Dela Cruz, made his artworks very.. how do you call it.. hmm very religious? very Bible inspired? or whatever you want to call it.

Each artwork or sculpture is in reference to Religion or The Bible. And as you can see, the artworks are not your typical sculptures you see everyday. In my opinion the artist made his work on how he sees the people reenacting The 8 Beatitudes, the 7 deadly sins and so on. He did not make his art happy so that it will be pleasing to the eyes but instead he made his art a reality in what is truly happening around him. Yes, if you look really deeply the world is a sad place to live in because we are sinners. Sometimes, we know that it’s a sin and sometimes we don’t. Each sculpture represents on how people sin. He sees that the people are having a hard time following The Word of God, so I guess that’s the reason why most of the sculptures are people suffering.

And I think (Yes, this is only my opinion) Daniel Dela Cruz wants to tell the people that even the teachings of the Church are sometimes “literally” translated (word per word) from The Bible and that it becomes a whole new different meaning from The Teachings of God. That’s why there is so much hate for other people (as you can see) because The Teachings of God are being misunderstood.

I also think that there is so much suffering in the world because of our greed to earthly things and/or temptations. And if our suffering becomes too heavy that we can’t take it anymore, that’s the only time we talk to God and pray.

The overall message I got from this exhibit was JESUS IS OUR SAVIOUR. That’s why John 3:16 as the main verse of this exhibit “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Whatever we did, whatever suffering we are experiencing right now, it’s not too late to give our lives to him. Jesus would and always will be our way, our truth and our life. With all these sufferings, he will give us strength. Jesus died for our sins.


“Tunnel” by Mark Justiniani is a reinterpretation of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” this time by way of an incomplete construction site. (“Tunnel” 2016 [in progress] — LEDs, reflective media and objects).
Unbroken by Raffy Napay
Family by Raffy Napay (glow in the dark on canvas).
Family by Raffy Napay
In Search Of Meaning by Pamela Yan Santos.
Before the Sky by Nona Garcia

I was captivated with all of the artworks shown above. At that time, I didn’t know that it was a special exhibit. That’s what happens when I go to museums or art fairs. I just take pictures that gets my attention. I didn’t care if it would take up so much space in my phone. That’s why when we were about to leave the art fair, I noticed that I already took almost 500 pictures. (I won’t upload all of the pictures though, but i’ll upload some artworks that I thought was amazing.) I engaged myself with the exhibits by taking a (dramatic) picture infront of the artworks.

I felt pretty “artistic”. In that moment I thought that I was living in a world that only cared about art. The first opportunity me and my friends did not waste was to take pictures that are blog and instagram worthy.

My most favorite among all the special exhibits is “In Search of Meaning by Pamela Yan Santos.” We took off our shoes and relaxed in her exhibit. While relaxing, a girl came to us and told us that there are hidden words inside the exhibit that we should find. Suddenly I became excited because for me it was like a detective game (I really really love mysteries and detective games). Me and my friends found the mystery words in a matter of minutes. I would post pictures below and see if you could find it too.

When I left the art fair, It felt like I was a new woman. Or atleast my interests changed. I want to experience more of this. I want to appreciate more art. I want to interact with artists. I want many things now that involved art.

ART FAIR 2016 WAS AN EXTRA ORDINARY EXPERIENCE. I want to thank Sir Hanz for giving us the opportunity to experience this ( Hi Sir!! cuatro na ba ituu? haha joke). If given another chance and if I have time next year, I will definitely go to the next art fair. And I would encourage more people to come with me and maybe it would change the way they look at art too.

I hope that it will not just be a 3 day event. I hope that it becomes an art fair for the whole 2 months because you can’t rush art appreciation. I spent almost 4 hours there and I think I missed alot of artworks and exhibits because of the lack of time. I was really surprised with the audience attendance. I also wish that the place will become bigger, so more exhibits can be displayed and more artists can show off their works. I was wrong to think that not many people appreciate art. There are many people that appreciate art but that should not stop there. I hope someday that EVERYONE (if that’s even possible) will appreciate art just how the artists appreciate their artworks. All in all the atmosphere was superb, you could really feel that the Philippines is not left behind in terms of art and art appreciation.

Some of the pictures I took that I think you will enjoy too.

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