Dear retailers, enough.

I just got an email from a furniture retailer announcing that it was now time for Halloween. No. It is mid August. We still have Labor Day coming up. It is still summer. I know that if I go to the store there will be no summer things left. When I bought my house, I bought it Memorial Day week. One month later I was looking for yard tools, nothing.

Sometimes you just want to buy things for the season you are in. Things break, get stolen, get lost… I want Halloween candy in October, Christmas decor in NOVEMBER, after Thanksgiving! I don’t want three months of tinny carols at the mall, I want to enjoy seasonality again. In my shopping, my clothes, my food. I keep feeling like the retailers start Christmas earlier and earlier. And I suspect merchandise would sell better at more seasonally appropriate times. I am not buying summer clothes or patio furniture when it is -10 outside and the snow is blowing. I am going to buy summer clothes when my favourite tank top rips, or I discover that moths have eaten holes in my bathing suit. And I would really like to be able to buy canning jars during harvest time, when I am actually canning.

So slow your rolls, hold your horses, because it is still summertime and time for s’mores, not skeletons.