The Glutening.

I cannot eat gluten. Gluten, as you may know, is a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. Sounds simple to avoid, right? No. I started out just going wheat free as an effort to alleviate some of my endometriosis symptoms, as it had helped others with endo. I then noticed that I was having similar bloating and gassy symptoms when I ate rye or pumpernickel or anything with barley in it… so I gave those up too. Living alone, I have been able to keep myself pretty safe. I check shampoo, etc, and don’t have to worry about contamination so much. But summers with family get more complicated. My mother complained about me being too vigilant this summer, but when all it takes is a crumb, or something in a rub, or soy sauce in a sauce or salad dressing….

I went over to have dinner with relatives, and they had made the most fantastic pork, juicy, smoked, amazing. But I got by far the worst gluten reaction ever from that meal. Because I did not double check everything about it. But it it does reassure me that I am not making up my reaction.

I hate feeling like a nudge. I hate having to wipe down the counter constantly, or throw perfectly good stuff away because it got contaminated, or watch when people are cooking to make sure it doesn’t get contaminated by a piece of butter, for example. Think about how you cook. You’ve just rinsed off a knife in the past, right? Or made a sandwich on the kitchen counter….

All it takes for me is a crumb. One crumb. A speck of flour. A dash of soy sauce… and I am down.