Blog Post 1 — English 201

August 30th

I listen to all kinds of music. I love listening to rap, hip hop, techno & electronic, and alternative music genres. I think that music can be split into two ways of viewing or listening to it. I think that music can be viewed through the beats and sound of it and then it can be viewed through the lyrics of the song. Lyrics can make a song change and it can also show many things through just the lyrics themselves. In a genre such as rap and hip hop there are some very controversial topics and phrases used through every song that is made. I think one thing that is controversial about rap and hip hop is that it can be degrading to all women in many songs and lyrics used in popular rap. One specific thing that is a perfect example of this is using words such as “hoe” , “slut”, “b*tch”, etc. to address women in songs. I think that rappers nowadays use these terms too lightly and make degrading women look acceptable to the public. Women are treated as objects and “problems” to the rappers. In a song by Jay Z, ’99 Problems’, he addresses women as “b*itch’s” and “problems”. I think that this is showing men that women are nothing but people who cause problems for them. These kinds of songs are showing men and young boys that it is okay to look down on women which is not the way that we should be raising our next generations to be.

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