The Potential Of Mobile Game Development

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The mobile gaming industry has witnessed an upsurge in the recent times. It is the mobile games that are ruling the whole domain of mobile apps. The market revenue of the industry is rising and is anticipated to continue with its upsurge.

In the present era, it is almost impossible to imagine our life without the smart mobile devices. Apart from making calls and messaging, there is other wide number of features provided. Some of them include web browsing, social networking, listening music, watching videos, shopping and gaming etc. The mobile phone industry has evolved over the years and the mobile apps and games play a vital role in it.

The Market Revenue Of The Gaming Industry Will Rise

According to the market study conducted by a leading US based research firm, Nielsen, mobile phone users spend almost 27% of their time on the devices playing different games. Both the native and the mobile web games are included. The experts in the field have the anticipation that the entire mobile gaming industry will very soon reach a significant milestone. Currently, the market revenue is around $25 billion, which is believed to reach at least $40 billion in two year’s time, by 2018.

Users Spend Most Of Their Time Playing Games On Their Devices

With gaming, you can enjoy both the social and interactive experiences. You might not have the knowledge, but the fact is that 40% of the mobile usage is occupied by the game, both across the iPhone and Android users. Game users occupy 70% of the tablet usage. The users start playing games at a young age because of the easy accessibility of the smart devices and they continue playing games. Also they are closely following Apple and Android news. This means that there are a lot of gamers everywhere worldwide.

A Flourishing Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry is blooming with an excellent growth opportunity. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry in the USA had a growth faster than its entire economy from the period 2009 to 2012. There was a time, when the mobile games were witnessed merely as a form of entertainment, especially for the younger generation. Time has changed and today it is seen as a platform for marketers to engage their targeted audiences.

Sky Rocketing Stock Market Revenue Of The Mobile Gaming Industry

Investing in gaming stock market is not a matter of joke. The gaming industry is no doubt evolving very fast and the most advanced and the modern technology has a big role in it. Video games have come a long way with the whole industry gone digital and the mobile gaming generating huge revenue. The stock value has gone up and it will continue to do so, as anticipated by the experts and specialists in the field.

Mobile Applications As Whole Ads Up The Stock Market Value

Mobile applications can be used on the smartphones, PDAs, PPCs and even tablets. The apps are usually found to be pre-installed on the devices, and can also be installed later on the users with the aid of USB cable, Bluetooth, memory card, and Internet connectivity. Hence, there is a growth in the mobile device market as well as in the mobile app market. Today, the mobile app development is the most profitable venture that focuses on the small, medium as well as the large-scale mobile applications.

The basic applications are already featured in the devices, and there is the scope of downloading thousands of other apps. You get the opportunity to customize your mobile devices. Whether you want to order food, buy airline tickets, buy movie tickets, make payments, access social media sites, share images, play games or execute any office work, you need the mobile phone. Even a business can be operated successfully with the help of a mobile device equipped with the apt app.

Myriad Gaming Options Available On The Mobile Platforms

Out of the myriad features of the mobile devices, the games seem to be the most important in respect to the buyers. The mobile game players are usually the casual gamers, who get bored surfing the device and would like to rejuvenate by playing games for a few minutes. Mobile gaming industry is far more popular than the desktop gaming industry. In the present times, the inclusion of the social game developments and the porting of the desktop games to the mobile platforms have brought a revolution in the mobile gaming industry.

It is the mobile games that are ruling the entire domain of the mobile applications. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur and planning to invest a part of your company’s marketing campaign to the mobile game development, it will generate you revenue that you might not have expected ever in your entire life to be honest, but then you have to be a hardcore worker in order to achieve the goal.