• Today’s window opens on a house in Brixton full of people eating a three course Syrian dinner as part of the Mahabatayn Supper Club. Mahabatayn means “ Two welcomes” in Arabic, and the welcome offered at each dinner is to the guests who come to celebrate the rich cuisine of Syria and to the war impacted Syrians at home and abroad who are helped by their donations. I found out about the club through one of the hosts, a researcher from Amnesty where I sometimes work as a writing coach. And I got that work through Mehgna, the wife of one of my husband’s colleagues who cooked us a beautiful Indian dinner one night and who was working there at the time. So tonight I am grateful for the amazing home-cooked food, for good company, and for these webs of connection, hospitality and community that make living in this difficult and complex world possible – even, often, joyful.

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