Good News Weekly

The Big Media Lie: Time for Good News Weekly.

Every time I flick through the news the stories are filled with tragic death, disease, global warming and war. The only news that is not completely negative is, of course, the ode to celebrity that not one newspaper can ignore. Yes, many millions of people are interested in what Kimye is wearing or that a Royal family had a baby but, it is, essentially, drivel. Don’t get me wrong I read these stories with delight to. To quote William Forrester in Finding Forrester “I read the New York Times for dinner, I read this [The National Enquirer] for dessert”, it is bubble gum for the brain and utterly switches me off. Yet, the more edifying and wholesome news that is supposed to inform me of national and international events is depressing and utterly uninspired. It disproportionately reports negative things. Some media reports suggest this to be up to 17 negative news articles for 1 positive news story.

There is a reason for this type of reporting; humans are intrinsically wired so that they are drawn to more depressing and horrific news reports. It is a survivalist habit. We look to these stories as a way to learn them and avoid them. It is widely excepted by physiologists “that our brains evolved in a hunter-gatherer environment where anything novel or dramatic had to be attended to immediately for survival”. So it makes sense why these stories are utterly irresistible. However, with the magic of media and spin, the truth of the matter, is often lost or blown out of proportion. Ironically, my first piece of good news is about a truth that is not blown out of proportion; global warming. Global warming is the single biggest threat to Earth and humanity that faces us now. Not terrorism, not human trafficking, not equality, not war it is global warming.

So for your global good news story, to reinstate your faith in humanity and governments please look no further. We really aren’t doing as bad as they want you to believe.

For my first good news article I want to look at something that happened quite some time ago (on September 3rd 2016). I was shocked to see how utterly under reported it was. There is no doubt to the fact that there is a global warming crisis. What is fantastically positive is that we can take steps, privately, publicly and at a governmental level to combat this and maybe even reverse this. We naturally should be coming into a phase of Earth cooling according to Paleontologist Paul Ward: clearly we are not. This is man made. We have the tools and the intelligence to negate the effects of the past hundred years on the environment. This is within humans control. There have been other mass extinctions that humans with all the technology could not prevent. We are privileged to have the power to change this and maybe gain a deeper appreciation for good old mother Earth.

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with President Barack Obama in Paris, France, Nov. 30, 2015. (Photo: Chine Nouvelle/SIPA)

Most think that this is a fruitless war that big omnicorps will scupper with their relentless appetite for profit. I don’t. And maybe my voice is a small one but I have the world’s superpowers chiming in with me.

On September the 3rd 2016 a major step forward was taken: America and China signed onto the Paris Climate Agreement. The Russian Federation already had signed on. This could well be the date that people look back on and say: that is when we changed the world. This is an incredibly positive step and although nay sayers will always twist and belittle this agreement; they are wrong. The world has sat up and said “hey little green and blue planet, we may not be nice to each other a lot but, we will be kind to you, you give us life, a home and a place to roam”. And even if you are to read the skeptics who question China’s sincerity in this pack, it cannot be denied that they feel that they need to look like they are taking positive steps. This in itself is positive. I would argue that China is more educated and intelligent then to dismiss climate change.

This is no small task for governments to so unanimously sign up to an agreement. Human Rights and various UN conventions are seldom agreeable to all parties. This is more important, arguably, then human life or the dignity of human rights. We can put that on the long finger in this case because without a healthy planet we cannot have humans, the images and possibilities of a world where we do not combat this are the most frightening but, we are doing something. We are taking a stand. And to me, at least, that is utterly beautiful.