A Day in The Life


I wake up and immediately I remind myself that today is Friday. Upon remembering this, I jolt out of bed and head straight to the bathroom, hoping to get ready quickly enough to get to school. A Friday should never be wasted. I scroll through my phone and find my playlist that I’ve dedicated to days like this, and I press play and make sure it’s loud enough.

The bathroom air was thick of the smell of shampoo. I brush my teeth, ignoring the voice of my dentist at the back of my head and trusting my own instinct to just get it done and over with. However, it takes me a little longer to choose my clothes and get dressed and ready to go. I decide that today is not the day for a flannel, so I throw on a sweatshirt.

I swear I almost fall asleep in the car.

First thing in the morning, I listen to my friends and their exhausted expressions complain to me about how they did not get enough sleep last night. I tell them to find something to look forward to and it’ll work them up, because that usually does the trick for me. I find my friend Lexie and ask her to walk me to class. She smells like rosy perfume as she always does. Her ponytail is loose and she tells me about her morning.

Coming from all different classes, my friends and I meet at the same location for lunch every single day. We talk about what we’ve eavesdropped on, our crushes, and how our day went. I tell them about my noisy English and theology class and they are glad to not have been there. My friends and I eat the same things every week for lunch, and today I have leftover Thai food while my friend Ariel eats her usual lunch she gets from Whole Foods. Jasmine snacks on a bag of chips, and I steal one after making sure she isn’t looking, but the rustle of the bag gives me away. She gives me a scowl.

We part ways after the bell rings, and I am ready to face the rest of my day.

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