On working away from… work

I just read a book called Remote: Office not Required. It says a few things that I think are pretty obvious.

But they’re things that business-owner-and-manager-types need to read. They don’t always find these things so obvious:

  • Spending a lot on lots on office space is silly
  • Same for internet, lights, power, cleaners
  • Managers should have better things to do than manage. Like thinking and working

And my favourite:

If you’re spending your days managing people they’re probably the wrong people.

(I paraphrase.)

The book was published by startuppy types in 2013. In the world of the internet this was a century ago. But business doesn’t always catch up good. Even internet-focused business.

There’s no excuse for not reading Remote — and buying into it. IMPO. Even if you don’t work in the world of the ‘startup’ and your boss isn’t a wholeheartedly internetty person.

They can be educated.

Fluorescent lights, cubicles, that one corner office where the big dude sits, and sad institutional carpets don’t have to be.

Side note, it’s Saturday. I’m on the road as I write. And I’m working. Because I want to. Where I want to.

PS Thanks to the kickass people who make this possible.

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