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Great article with some practical tips for both professional speakers/presenters and your average Zoom teleworker (just now learned I should check my hard drive and remember to look at my camera not the screen, fww). Thanks!

And I’m not handy …

On paper, what we wanted didn’t seem like much. We weren’t going up or out. We just wanted to remodel around 200 square feet of our 1,400-square foot 1952 bungalow.

But our plans did include moving plumbing and walls, so we knew it would be costly. We just didn’t know how costly.

Rapid increases in costs for materials coupled with a labor shortage have produced sharp increases in construction costs across the country, according to a report by BuildZoom. We live in suburban Atlanta, in an area with a large number of teardowns and whole-house renovations.

“Renovation is more labor-intensive…

How to tell if the stories you share on social media are true

I wrote a draft of this just before the 2016 election as tongue-in-cheek advice to my millenial niece from her nutty, liberal, Generation X ex-reporter aunt because I was afraid she and her peers — raised in an era when traditional news outlets are considered passe — would have a difficult time fielding disinformation.

Before I could finish, better writers beat me to the punch.’s Eugene Kiely and Lori Robertson published this excellent article on how to spot fake news, and NPR’s All Tech Considered did…

Don’t delete your account because of #FakeNews, do it because it’s bad for you

Photo Credit: Thomas Ulrich at LoboStudioHamburg via

I can’t be the only one.

Haven’t you ever shut your browser window, closed your app, put down your phone and thought, “I really liked people more when I knew less about them.”

Or, “That’s an hour (or five) of my life that I’ll never get back.”

Maybe you’ve started too many days suddenly in a funk after finding out your friends went to a movie and you weren’t invited, your sister posted an article equating your political affiliation with extreme moral turpitude, and you wasted…

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