Walking Into Faith

This has nothing to do with religion.

At least, not the organised type you tell your friends about.

No, instead, it’s an element of life that often goes unnoticed.

We see the successful woman, who appears to have all of life, neatly taped up. We don’t know, however, that beneath her power suit and tight schedule, there’s a little girl within who was just looking for a way out and away from the things that went before her. She keeps walking though.

We witness a man who, at the peak of his career, turns and leaves, taking his wisdom and wit somewhere else. He does it without a second concern for the future. He just appears to know.

That’s walking in faith, though. They’re walking in faith, that wasn’t taught to them, but that which they discovered.

Faith isn’t something you just discover, though. You have to find it, build it and sustain it.

Some people call it self-belief, and others may call it optimism. I call it faith, because it develops as a little voice within you that tells you you can do something, and becomes the voice you lean on when you think you cannot anymore.

A friend of mine did something gigantic recently. Catapulting his life towards a specific direction entailed having to force a seismic shift of so much that his life was tangled up in…it even shocked me, and I’m pretty unshockable.

But he…he walks in faith.

Listening to him tell me this, I realised that I’ve spent most of this year walking out of my own faith. I walked out on myself in about March, and haven’t really been back. There are a million reasons why, but none of them actually matter or deter me from the next step — I need to walk back there.

Now, where are my shoes?