AESTHET IA #3: Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)

Being an artist is not just expressing feelings, not just designing or creating things. It is a passion that pushes a person to make something great and extraordinary. Everyone can do art but not all can be called as an artist.

Every artist has their own unique ways on how they will show their passion, their talent or expresses what they feel. What makes them similar is that, in everything they do, it is called an art. And those arts, is made up of heart and determination. One thing I admire the most to all artist is that, they love what they do.

There are three artist that caught my attention; Mrs. Nova Villa (actress/comedienne) Mr. Yannie Rumbaoa (coin engraver) and Mr. Rolly Susmena (painter). Mrs. Nova Villa, a well-known and kind person. People admire her sense of humor. In 50 years in show business, the one who pushes her to continue her passion is God. She believed that when we pray, when we ask something, God will give the desires of our hearts. And for her, being an actress comedienne, her work is to bring happiness and smile for everyone. Those laughters will inspires her to pursue her passion. Mr. Yannie Rumbaoa, the first Filipino Engraver who engraved and designed the Philippine Peso Coin. With all his hard works and determinations, Mr. Rumbaoa deserves salute and honor for his great artwork. Lastly, Mr. Rolly Susmena, a great painter. Despite of poverty, he still continue his passion and expressed his feeling through painting. These three artist is really an inspiration for everyone who also given a talent in the field of art.

The time will come, I will manage my own business and become professional in my future career. I would like to initiate their determinations and hard works. Also, be passionate and love what you are doing. Because the more you are passionate, the more you love what you are doing, the more it will be perfect and beautiful in the eyes of everyone.

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