Honor Thy Father

A movie Honor Thy Father directed by Eric Matti, is one of the entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival last December 2015. This movie faced a lot of issues. One is, regarding with the disqualification from MMFF 2015 Best Picture Category Award. Despite of that, most people recognized John Lloyd’s great performance, as he portrays the role of Edgar in the movie.

Kaye (Meryll Soriano) is a daughter of a businessman who’s running a successful pyramiding business with many investors. Edgar and Kaye are belong into a religious group where they are dictated by their church pastors to give tithes, it is because it’s God’s command to His people. They are blind to the truth that, their church pastors are just using their money for their own. But, Edgar knows everything behind it. Until, Kaye’s business got bankrupt and all her investors were accusing her. The family threatened by his co-parishioner that if they will not give their money back, they will kill Edgar’s child. This film is about a family who seek to pay their family’s dept to Kaye’s co-parishioners.

This movie is an eye-opener for many people who were also struggling this kind of situation. It is exactly what our society is facing in today’s generation. We’re not running money with our hands, but money runs people nowadays. Also, it is also a very good picture of how a father protects his family. A father that will do anything just for his family. A father that is willing to die for the sake of his family. This is an example of how God protects His children (us). He nailed into the cross and suffered just to save us from our sins. A father that gave His life to all humanity. We are not deserving for that forgiveness but God loves us and He didn’t wants us to be separated in Him.

To conclude, Honor Thy Father brings a lot of realizations. First, I was reminded on how God loves me. That He will do everything just for me. Second, how important family is. Last, how a father sacrifice himself for his family.

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