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Hi Guys — hate to be the Grammar Police, but Jon, on the Thursday pod, you made the (unfortunately very popular) mistake in your usage of ‘I’ vs ‘me’. At the end of the extremely excellent pod, you said “Elizabeth Warren will be sitting down with Dan, Tommy and I”. Yep, that’s right. It’s “…with Tommy, Dan and me”.

I’m trying to be a little graceful and not a shithead about it, but I’m starting to hear newscasters as well as the well-educated professionals around me my butchering this use more often than ever — and for all obvious reasons, I’m feeling like proper grammar needs a little attention in the current strangely and overly expressive time we’re living in right now.

Other than that, you and the pod are sheer perfection. All of your brilliant Crooked Media colleagues are bringing an inimitable dose of sanity to my week — and I’m so fucking grateful for it!

Here’s to a genius sit-down with Senator Warren this week and great grammatical domination always. Please don’t hate me — Cathleen/NYC

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