If your brand doesn’t empathize, then why should your customer do ?

Although as a human we have been taught that kindness is not obligated to be returned, there’s always a reaction to every action. People will respond as the way they are treated by anyone and anything and that’s the basic function which people often forget.

Most of the modern companies are so busy creating innovations and developing the so called “unique selling points”, it often lose sight of retaining the most fundamental skill of attracting customer, which is empathizing. Brands often neglect the fact that it is “serving” an emotional entity with complicated mind and dynamic needs. Along with the fallacious beliefs of amusing customers through constant changes, brands are slowly losing their sparks. Those changes are in fact creating a negative outcome which strikes the brand to its core.

To illustrate this condition imagine yourself trapped at a bakery with countless free tester of various intriguing flavors. At first, you will be excited to try all the things your mouth and belly could bear. But at certain peak point, you’ll become so nauseous you ended up puking all of those breads out. And from that moment you swear that you will not eat a single bread for a long period of time.

Exposing endless development, especially the one which is unrelatable, will not do any good to your company. It will actually break the bond between you and your customers. Your customers, much like your partner, demands a steady relationship in which responsive yet constructive feedback happens on a daily basis. They want to claim, they want to personalized, they want to understand and be understood, they crave to be trusted. And if they could not get it all, or in other word, they are not satisfied, the fatal blow will come. Believe me, when those thing happen, even the most expensive gifts will not prevent the breakups.

It may sounds absurd and tiring at some point, but by actually trying to walk in your customers’ shoes, you could feel and harvest emotions that drives your brand to react in more meaningful ways. Try to understand your customer as you do with your family. Create a tight bond by spending time listening to their frustrations and problems. Eventually, you will end up creating a relatable solutions that are never expected to be needed.

By actually showing how your brand could understand human emotions, you have already pave your way out of the common crowd. Because, as identical as actual human being, a humanized brand will have its own distinct value which will always be relatable to its market. And without much hassle you will find a flock of passionate people dying to be a part of your brand.

Therefore, stop wasting your money and sweat! Take a walk outside and observe, you will find your voice of innovative inspirations if you see and listen.