IA #8: Mind and Body

This was taken in China, one of the beaches near our province . This pictures shows the happiness inside me. On how i just enjoy life and make more adventures to experience things. Life is short, do whatever you can especially when you love doing it.

The two pictures above is taken when we had our immersion in Hacienda Luisita. This is both a perfect and imperfect because of the perfect experience that the people and place gave me while the imperfect experience is seeing their life abused by the land owners of their farm even though the lands should be theirs. Even though there may be an imperfection of the food, the experience is still perfect.

When i start driving at the age of 16, my father help me overcome my fear in driving. He gave me the courage to have my first step in driving. And trusting me to drive his new car.

Cathy ❤️

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