If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Not likely. There will be some grandstanding, some holing up, a rash of hate crimes perhaps, some stand-offs, epic levels of bitching and moaning perhaps but of the farmers I know in the Kansas City area, only half were Trump fans. I’d rather his true believers (so ridiculous to put faith in man) would see the he is not in it for their interests. Trump’s only interest has ever been Trump nor will that change.

Unfortunately no matter his failures and there are and will be many, Trumpers are blind to them in their diffuse rage, flailings and grasping at straws. Ironically the Trumpers I know can’t claim wounds from the left or globalism that left them behind. I am angry that my Trumper family has clothed themselves in the profferred mantle of anger given by irresponsible “infotainment” hosts of the far right wing radio and Fox News.

Their transformations have been slow but grotesque over two decades so much that I don’t know them. And that’s on them. Will they strike or join in some collective action? Unlikely. They will just get darker and more twisted and more deeply unhappy but sadly that’s their choice.

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