Prompt #1
Janice Pang

The glue bottle is something I’m familiar with since Kindergarten with an easily recognizable silhouette and a function I’m so familiar with that it’s common-sense. But, as used to the product as I am, it could still be more efficient. I find that I’m still not very good at controling the flow of glue, especially when working on intricate projects. It’s usually suggested to work with glue by pouring some out and then using a small brush or cotton swab to apply the glue, but personally, I would like to skip that extra step and just make a more efficient bottle cap. It would also make gluing things together less messy for kids who don’t want to use glue sticks, or even people in general who don’t want to use glue sticks because liquid glue is stronger.

Risking aesthetics or even association due to the shape of a glue bottle not changing much over the years, it might be easier to handle glue bottles if they had a slight curve or indent to make gripping the bottles easier, especially for kids or anyone whose motor skills are not compatible with the current glue bottle design. The bottle should stay semi-transparent, though, to show how much glue is left in the bottle, and to keep that color association so that it is still mostly recognizable as a glue bottle.

The function of a glue bottle is to apply glue to things, and the design of glue bottles follow up on this, but the design could be made more efficient.

— — — — — —

I learned that my partner likes the color orange, is a computer science and design major, and that he does not like getting caught in the rain.

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