Prompt #5
Janice Pang

  1. This is a really difficult prompt, but also a really fun one to think about. Although there are many projects that I would love to be able to design, one that I have been thinking a lot about lately is designing a modern filipino restaurant.
  2. I would want to do this because I read an article recently that talked about the lack of popularity for Filipino cuisine, especially in the scope of Asian cuisine in general, including Chinese food, Thai cuisine, and many more. As a first generation Filipina American, I grew up with a lot of homemade Filipino dishes that my grandma prepared, so Filipino food has always been common to me. It has only been recently did I realize that it’s not common in the restaurant industry in Western culture, which is surprising because I’ve met a lot of Filipinos. And where there’s an audience, there should be a need or demand, but I haven’t really come across many Filipino restaurants.
  3. ‘Direct clients’ would probably be Filipino families. Families because eating out is normally a family event and a Filipino restaurant would attract mostly Filipinos at first. My design of the restaurant would be to create a space that’s also inviting and accommodating to people unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine.
  4. I would need to know what makes a Filipino restaurant. Despite growing up in a Filipino household, I feel personally less connected with my culture than I should be, especially with not having visited the Philippines since I was a baby. I know a lot about Filipino family dynamics and what it might mean to be Filipino American, but Filipino architecture isn’t something that I’m familiar with. In order to redevelop a space to become more “modern” or even appealing to a more general audience, I would need to know from what framework I have to start with.
  5. involve clients
  6. Potential blockers could be that I don’t know much about restaurant design or interior design yet. Also, I haven’t been to many Filipino restaurants (probably because there aren’t that many out there), and I would have to do a lot of research concerning ethnic cuisine restaurants. Concerning restaurants, I feel there’s a lot beyond design that I would still need to know such as ethnic cooking politics, if there are any, psychology, social psychology, etc.
  7. I would test this design by presenting a portfolio of work to three types of people: chefs, Filipinos, and non-Filipinos. I would them interview them, asking what they might think about the space and if they would like to go often, how it might make them feel.
  8. I could re-test it, if I were just going as far as the final drawings process of designing interior spaces because at that point, I could just continue to make revisions and iterations, then continue to present them to my audience.

The Process

  1. I would go about doing my project by first doing a lot of research on Filipino cuisine, current restaurants in America, restaurants in the Philippines, and then researching “modern” ethnic cuisine restaurants.
  2. After getting some ideas, I’ll start to sketch out some plan drawings, deciding what programs and spaces will be important to creating a Filipino restaurant.
  3. After that, I’ll make at least three different drawings of plans, sections, and perspective drawings, and finalize them.
  4. I’ll find people to interview who I would be able to present my drawings to and get feedback on. I feel that this would be a more difficult part of the process because the audience of a restaurant is not one I’m familiar with and what kind of people have authority in this kind of industry is very unknown to me.
  5. After feedback, I’ll be able to make revisions and continue to finalize my drawings, which once completed, I could try to work with an architect and future restaurant owner one day to make this restaurant. Hopefully, it will help make Filipino food more appealing and popular in whichever area it is in.