How to Make Change Happen
Shaun King

Shaun King’s thought-provoking article gave me pause to question everything I know on changing injustice and trying to reassemble it in some sort of action plan, but it’s just a jumble of bits and pieces. I know that charismatic leaders who inspire people of all races, religions, etc. to work together selflessly are needed. I also know that behind the scenes brilliant thinkers and movers are just as essential. But what made the most impact was the courtroom, from the supreme court, on down. I know that these battles are being fought against all odds (including death contracts) by Southern Poverty Law Center. I also know that integrated families and neighborhoods are probably the most powerful of all. Last but not least, the philosophy of non-violent resistance, used by Gandhi successfully and adopted by Dr. Martin Luther King, accomplished what nothing else could — it brought light to the wound. What do we do with these things individually or collectively? I don’t know.

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