An Open Letter to Tom McClintock
Paul Smith

Paul Smith: I am thrilled to discover there is actually someone like yourself who is willing to HI-LITE what is wrong with the right’s US VS THEM political strategy Tom Mc Clintock is obviously using to strengthen his own weakness in justifying his support for a president who is this country’s biggest WEAKNESS.

Ever since the GOP incumbents decided to support Trump knowing full well that he is lacking any redeeming qualities to be POTUS — we on the left have lost any respect for their “Victory” in the election. In my view they are putting their JOBS before country . Mc Clintock is blaming the left’s anger and disappointment about Trump’s idiotic demeanor as “radical” but in doing so — he himself doesn’t realize how radical his approach is.

Go for it — If we can’t boot Trump let’s boot Mc Clintock and the rest of them who are aiding and abetting him in 2018 !!!

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