I got dumped

I’m 65 years old and I got jilted, dumped, kicked to the curb by another woman. My son was engaged to a woman with two young sons for the past couple of years and dating for a couple more on top of that. I loved her. She was the daughter I never had. Our relationship stood on it’s own two feet outside of hers with my son. I loved her and those two young boys who called us GiGi and Papa for forever. I treated all of them as if they were mine — because they were.

When she broke up with my son she did return my mother’s engagement ring. What she didn’t do was make peace with my heart. After all that time I deserved a goodbye. I deserved to hug those kids at least one more time. If she needed a clean break I even get that-but to not say goodbye?

I messaged her and got nothing back. I called and left a message and heard nothing.

Women don’t do this to other women. It is not the way that it is done. Our greatest strength as women is that we talk to one another. We don’t keep our emotions locked in the vaults that men do.

If you road needs to divert from someone else in your life tell them goodbye. Tell them that the way for you to grow is to grow separately. Tell them that you love them but this is the road that you need right now. Let them/me say goodbye.

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