The Ebbs and Flows of Life

July 13, 2018

I have worked at Eagle Hill Consulting as a Management Consultant Associate for about 6 months now. It’s crazy how quickly time has passed! I am still the #onboardingqueen, continuing to give New Employee Orientation presentations for my client and recently joining the Onboarding Core Team! Core Teams are internal initiatives that Eagle Hill employees can participate in to support Eagle Hill’s internal operations. For the Onboarding Core Team, I coordinate the Buddy Program, which matches new Eagle Hill hires with current Eagle Hill employees to help the new hires feel welcome and answer any questions they may have. I also serve as a Family Facilitator, coordinating Family meetings and social events to ensure that Family members gain relationship building and comradery, professional development and learning, personal development, collaboration skills, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! On my client side, I continue to lead the process improvement workstream on my team, identifying, documenting, and reengineering operational processes for my client’s program functions. I gained a new teammate, who is awesome and a great peer to bounce ideas off of before presenting deliverables to my manager. I plan on taking a data visualization course in the near future to learn how to make presentations visually appealing. As a foodie, plating is everything. If the food looks like crap, I don’t want to eat it. In the same sense, pretty graphics are eye-catching and engages the people I am presenting to, enabling them to better digest the information and accept my recommendations.

To ensure that I achieve the work-life balance I desire, I frequently travel to new destinations, hiking and eating delicious foods! Below are some photos highlighting my favorite activities during the last few months:

(left) Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar with my Fave***, who came to visit me all the way from Chicago! (right) Royal Wedding Pop Up Bar with my homegirl in D.C.
(left) Congratulating my UCLA roomie at her scholarship reception! (right) APAICS Alumni Dinner with folks who have been with me from the start.
(left) Exploring Knoxville, TN with my biffle! :p (middle) Catch us by the river. (right) Watching synchronous fireflies and hiking the Great Smoky Mountains with my favorite couple!
(left) Hiking Great Falls with my biffle! :p (right) Stuffing my face with crabs in Annapolis, MD for the Fourth of July!

To everyone reading this post, I want to thank you for the mentorship, partnership, and friendship you have provided me over the years. Whether you worked with me on a project, gave me advice on how to succeed as a consultant, or encouraged me to take advantage of learning and development opportunities, I am truly grateful for your faith in my potential to succeed as a consultant and as a leader.

Have a great summer! Stay in touch.