Amazon Is Dead Serious About Delivering Your Goodies by Drone
Steven Levy

Besides Amazon, UPS is dead serious about using drones as well. The implication is much larger in the latter case as while Amazon delivers its own packages, UPS delivers for just about everybody else. I saw a Youtube video of a UPS truck with human driver stopping on the highway. The driver then retracted the truck’s roof so that a drone could lift off with a UPS package. I wonder if Amazon the company has ever considered doing its drone testing and development in the Amazon rainforest? I recently wrote about how the Amazon rainforest is poised to become the Silicon Valley for drone startups. The impetus for an explosion of drone activity here will be global warming and the use of drones in forest conservation. I explained why the Peruvian Amazon has more than $1 trillion of carbon stored in its forests and drones will play a pivotal role in forest conservation by surveying and monitoring rainforest carbon assets, unlocking the value of that carbon, and converting it into dollars. At the same time, the people who live in these forests no longer have to be subjugated to the interests of mining and fossil fuel industries, like they are in so many parts of the world. Instead they can be well compensated as rainforest carbon stewards. You can find out more here:

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