Talking About Revolutions

The entire point of the revolution Sanders speaks of is completely missed in this artical. Pardon any typos, in advance.

It is a resounding call for the youth (the future of America) and previously comatose adults, veterans, elderly, the poor and those who have always felt that their voice is never heard — to begin to pay closer attention to what is being done in Washington — and at your City and State levels too, and more carefully select and research who represents us — and holding them accountable to the consituency they are to serve, and no other entity, neither foreign nor domestic. They work for us….and they’ve been slack asses now for more than 50 years.

The revolution is about no more sleeping, no more shrugging our shoulders when asked “have you voted?” — no more wondering why that bridge crumbled or why the trains ran off track causing a chemical spill in our county, no more sending our kids to war when continued discussion and cooperation can be had. No more wondering why that house blew up from the fracking gasses that also poisoned the water and caused earthquakes in your community — because you are now more aware of your surroundings and you will be calling for an end to that intentional placement of your community in harms way. THAT revolution. Not a Chavez revolution, nor a Malcolm X revolution. The only power Bernie’s proposed Revolution stands for is allowing knowledge to be your power, evoking determination/demanding proper representation to be your best interest and not other countries, and demanding of others a higher level of intellect when discussing the real issues of this country instead of the Main Stream sensationalist cable programs that have lost all touch with actual journalism…especially investigative journalism. I highly recommend C-Span so you can hear the speeches, and get inks to the legislation being discussed for yourself — without commentary and you can hear what YOUR rep/senator has to say on the matter without filters.

The other part of the Revolution is to get back to being our own active and participatory lobbyist. Lobbying was intended for the citizenry, not the businesses. We need to ban corporate lobbying from the halls and offices of our representatives and their money and incentives from the coffers of the campaigns that drive the reps from their home states into the Congress. Citizens United must go.

A more personal aspect of the Revolution is to stop the delusion of Congress EVER thinking it has a right to tell a woman (or man) what she/he can or cannot do with her/his body, and to think they have a right to interfere in decisions that are made between her and her family and physician and yes, even pastor. That is one of the more absurd governmental overreaches of our modern time in the personal live of Americans.

THAT is the Revolution. It’s not really all that radical. It’s how it was intended to be before it was repeatedly raped and pillaged until it became unreconizable.

With 88% of Congress now being up for re-election, another element of the revolution is to Clean House and Sweep The Senate on the Federal and Local levels and eject the obstructionists that have held our democracy hostage for the past 8 years, and replace them with forward thinking, reasonable reps who actually want to help their communities and re-establish cooperative governance. Revolutionary thinkers and doers (that’s us — the Bernie supporters) will vote against every incumbent on the ballot and refuse to pull a lever for a hateful, warmongering bigot.

If you think Hillary can still win it — consider this. She cannot win against the GOP with the margins Sanders can in the General — she just can’t. Poll after poll has proven it. She is ahead now because Independents cannot vote in closed caucuses or closed primaries, but if you notice — with the expception of Ohio (and that boggles my mind) — in every other open primary/caucus — Bernie is winning, and some, by more than 55% points over her (that is the power of the independents being allowed to vote)…and in November — along with the Independents, green party and libertarian parties that were silenced during the primary process — will ALL come out and push behind Sanders — not Clinton, and that is HIS ace in the hole in Philadelphia. If the superdelegates want to get behind someone who can win it all, they will forsake Hillary just like they did for Obama in 08 — because he has the enthusiasm and support of the youth, she has the shadow of the FBI and Trey Gowdy over her head, and Sanders is the ONLY one to have the votes and backing of “all others” category to put the Dems in the White house over Trump or Cruz by the margins only Sanders can.

Why will he win the Dem nomination?— because Bernie’ will not secceed to her at the convention — he knows he has the winning hand.and the DNC needs to know we are all in this revolution until that final card is played and he gets on thee ballot in November. There’s no dirt on him to dig that hasn’t been already resolved — her on the other hand…piles and piles for miles and miles. Not only does the smell of death surround her, she can’t decide if she’s ducking from sniper fire or sending emails to her husbands non-existant email account. We need consistency and intergrity, and yes, he can be an ass, but in the best way possible — defending us. We’re here to deliver him to the oval office. Bernie is a deliberate Senator — a staunch advocate for the people — always has been. He didn’t enter into this without careful thought and planning to allow every single state to have a vote…a choice — which they have been deprived of ever since someone decided that quitting should be enouraged. Don’t underestimate Bernie, and the rest of us are tired of being underestimated too. We’ll be ending the obstruction; you can get on board, or get off our backs because we’re going to make sure Bernie has his chance.

THAT is our Revolution. To the Main Stream Media — I’d say report THAT. That is the only truth there is about the Revolution.

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