When self-love becomes an impossible task, what happens?

it is really brave of you to write this and it has put me in tears.

I agree with the old man that there is a good future ahead of you. your are one of the most charm female that i know who always strive for better, for yourself or for AIESEC. There might be a vulnerable part of you that i don’t know or people don’t know. But the great part of you is shown right in front of my eyes and NOTHING will change that.

everyone hv the weak side of themselves, i will not say it’s not there or what but then it’s okay to not be perfect.

im not encouraging people to show vulnerability, but when you do, people will soon see how you grow bigger and braver. You may not love yourself now, but then when you do, you see how far have you go and people who know you and have read this will also see it, they will see what a long way you have gone

most importantly, despite the fact that you might be feeling sad or depressed these days, you are still keeping everything together, that already show how strong you are even it might be a dark time for you.

seeing my roomie being sad but i really don’t know how can i help, but i will always be here if you needed support or some LOVE from me :’)

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