Want Your Children to Survive The Future? Send Them to Art School
Dustin Timbrook

Spot on! Who needs farmers to grow food? 3-D printers will produce it using absolutely no resources — that’s how it works in your world, right?A machine can diagnose me, it will have well-developed intuition, I’m certain. That magical 3-D printer will build my dream house, right?

Did you know the Jetsons was set in the year 2062? We are now more than halfway there and its only technology we’ve developed is videophones.

Creativity is awesome. I believe everyone should have a creative outlet. But realistically, most of us don’t have the inate ability to create anything truly worthwhile (most of us also don’t have the inate ability to be great neurosurgeons). No amount of training can overcome natural inability, it can only enhance what you have.

Insisting everyone focus on creativity and downplaying all supposedly non-creative contributions is arrogant and malicious. Let’s face it, the Professor’s & Maryann’s contributions were far more useful than Ginger’s or the Howells’.

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