It’s always the privilege of the majority to consider itself invisible/neutral and all others as…
Diana Black Kennedy

The holiday/holy day issue made me chuckle. I used to work in a department that had to have coverage 365 days a year. There were six people, two Christians who actually went to church every Sunday, two CEO Christians (Christmas & Easter Only), a Buddhist and an atheist. The first year I was there, the two church going Christians got stuck with Christmas and Easter because, “Why should I have to work Christmas just because I’m Buddhist? It’s a holiday and I want it off too!” Seriously.

So the societal privilege on holidays actually kick a person in seat. We eventually got people in scheduling who took that into consideration ~ if they knew your religion you rarely had to be on-call for your religious holiday and then only after asking you. That’s the way it should be.

If you’re wondering what happened to the non-religious people after getting nicer schedulers, they got first dibs on the summer holidays.