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Thank you for letting we leftist ACTivists in the mentality of our adversaries! First of all, let me disabuse you of your notion that we are not doing anything substantive to turn the tide away from the ambitions of hostile and tyrannical takeover of the corporatocracy perpetrated by their lackies.

Where Republican representatives and senators have cowardly refused to face their constituents in open and one-off meetings, and even when some of them do, we are reporting it wide and far to counteract the silence of the bought MSM. A picture and a video is worth a 1000 words. These scenes and actions are awakening a good number of unaffiliated voters and even your staunch supporters to your true attitude of contempt and callous arrogance toward them and reminding them that the actions you are taking will hurt and even kill them. We intend to keep this in front of your voters relentlessly until the 2018 and 2020 election. Any attempt on your part to dub our efforts as “fake news” will be countermanded by video shot at the scene and scrupulously documented. We are and will only report the truth because that is far better than we could ever conjure up.

We will mobilize mass opposition, support and finance at the grassroots level, any attempt by 45 or by the Republican majorities at the state and national level to violate the Constitution and subvert the values and ideals that our forefathers fought and died for. We are and will organize our demonstrations within the law and attempt to shut out any of your paid agitators who attempt to turn them violent to the best of our abilities. We have experience on our side for this, from decades of having to do this. We will expose the right-wing originators of the ones that are either formulated with a violent intent or surmount our best efforts to squash the paid agitators. We will always disassociate or try to reign-in any well-meaning enthusiasts to always take the high road of peaceful mass expression. Our playbook is founded on the successful campaigns of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, our intent is inspired by respect for all, even you, our adversaries.

That is not to say that we will attempt to the best of our abilities to short-circuit your perfidy and stealth in trying to change the intent or conversation about our opposition.

We are and will organize and get out the vote of all of our allies and supporters. We will not work to use loopholes, threats and barriers to stop people from voting who fit some stereotypic profile you have identified for elimination. And we will use every tool at our disposal to make sure all who have the legal right to vote have the opportunity to define their own future, not the agendae of greedy oligarchs with huge reserves of money to pay off lackies to their will. Remember, when it comes to finances, we outnumber you and can out-finance our efforts and will do so with small individual donations to support candidates who have sworn to turn their backs on corruption.

We are even in the process of weeding out the corruption and hegemony of elite moneyed donors from our own ranks. If it takes purging our party and remaking the DNC in the image of all its constituents, we will do so to strengthen and set our commitment to democracy and the proposition that all people are created equal.

So how does that line up with your opinion that we are doing nothing? In fact keep thinking this way, it only helps us if we can catch you asleep at the switch.

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