An Examined Life: On Grief, Sin, and High School Theater
Cheryl Dumesnil

Just wow! I am the mom of a BCP grad (2009), so my knowledge of Tom was based mostly on tales of the classroom and theatre told with hilarity by my son at the dinner table. I was also able to read (decipher) the feedback on many essays that my son submitted to Tom. I learned the difference between “quote” and “quotation”. I learned that a well titled essay went a long way towards capturing a reader’s attention. I can only imagine what his students learned. Long after Matt had gone away to college, I was happy to attend a play at the new theatre. I saw TA afterwards, and although we had become Facebook friends year earlier (and always got a HBD x 1000!!!!!!!!!! message on my birthday), I wasn’t sure he would remember me. Ha!! He knew me and gave me his bear hug and asked about me and my son. I felt like the most loved person in the world. He was a powerful man and loved by so many. Thanks for writing this — it is simply beautiful.

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