The Finale
Brooke Hofer Eanet

Thanks Brooke — well written. Yes, women need to speak to those around them about what happened to them. I do this quite often, not to make them uncomfortable, not to seek solace, not to be understood. But to help them see that this happens everywhere, and it is damaging. Yes, I work, play, love (my cats), but I’m like a broken vase that has been superglued back together. I can hold water but I leak if the water gets past a certain level (yet, I long to be full).

Drump is a horrid man. He exemplifies all that is wrong with men. All that civilization is designed to temper. His election shows that american civilization is broken. But maybe it can be super glued back together. America first needs to stop the breaking. The raping. The jokey misogyny of locker room heehah.

A little Mellie? Probably…

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