Do you elf?

I just worked out that I’ve been elfin around since 2009 😱 I fell in love with the idea after reading the Christmas forum on whilst looking for ideas for new traditions.

It was too late to order your traditional elf, so I found a teddy bear and named it snow toes. After convincing A he was real because we all know elfves shouldn’t eat chocolate, and that if he didn’t eat my maltesers he was; it was plain sailing. A was in love as snow toes fell in love with her dolly, had cotton ball snow ball fights and more…….,

The next year we upgraded to Holly Berry, a pretty little elf from Amazon. I explained it to all my daycare parents and set up a facebook page to share her antics. This was 2010, and elfing was picking up momentum. The daycare children never questioned it, even the older children and would all sit and write her letters asking questions.

My friends thought I was crazy, but 6 years on I see most of them are doing it now.

A no longer believes in Santa but still gets excited by the elf, she’s a great actress for her brother, although I often joke that I’ll still be doing elf when they are 18 and 20!

This year will be tough as we don’t really have toys to use as props anymore, and this year I need to start a new tradition/ ongoing story to keep the fun going, and I can probably be a little more risqué with the antics.

Of course there are nights we’ve forgotten to move the elf when we’ve gone to bed, so this year I’m heavily guarding my cell phone with the ideas I have stored up for each day.

I don’t buy into all this the elf brings lots of presents nonsense- she leaves before Santa arrives so that he knows the children deserve presents 🎁 and only then does she leave new pjs so we don’t have those that are 3 sizes too small in the photos on Xmas morning photos!

I’ve always elfed to encourage good behavior and for fun! December it’s tough to behave, let’s face it your kids have chocolate for breakfast and you are stressed because you have a million presents to buy and wrap, are possibly hungover from the office Xmas party or mom night out. But think of all those memories you are creating, in my mind it’s worth the whole “that creepy elf” or “that pesky elf” judgement you get from non elfers.

Let the elfing commence and enjoy your Christmas build up.