Focus on the good!

8.50am you get a call to say your husband’s surgeon wants to see him come as soon as you can! So you turn your car round go home and take him back to see her!

Great news! It’s 100% NOT cancerous. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Of course there is always bad news, but do you know what going back to the hospital 2–4 times a week for appointments and antibiotics cannot shoot me down. I’m ecstatic. All the pains (maybe with the exception of one) are where his body is waking up again. The damage, after another simple day surgery will hopefully never come back again, and whilst a 2–6 month recovery may seem like an eternity for some, this news could not be better. It is as they say a small price to pay.

Three hours later we walk out of the hospital- ok I lie — I walk out Dave kind of hobbles but you get my drift!

Cue getting home just in time to meet the school bus, and a sobbing son, who thinks he has the most evil teacher on the planet. This is new to me. C has always been the child I never had to worry about at school. He was inconsolable. It broke my heart. But focus on the good — I’m the sort of mum who deals with this immediately- so off I go to the school. I realize C isn’t an angel — he knows how to push my buttons but I have had 6 years of teachers telling me he is ahead of his years so now we are having issues I do want to dig deeper. I see the memes on Facebook- I’m not blaming the teacher. Always two sides, but she’s not once asked him how his dad is, or if he needs any extra support. Am I wrong in expecting a teacher to care about her students issues??? Maybe my past in early years has made me expect too much? I’m pretty sure that in England his teacher would have asked, or at least asked me?

I then have my teen calling saying she’s 😷 sick. It pains me to say get on with it, but I must. It’s 4pm and I’ve done thirty minutes work. With Dave long time sick and me self employed you worry about cash in a country where health care costs so much!

In brighter news one of my old daycare families gave birth to a beautiful baby boy today. It reminds you that there is so much hope out there, and that the circle of life and life itself just goes on and on no matter what anyone else is going through- even though it feels like time is standing still for you or even on a go slow?

And then you wonder what’s going to get you through this and remember that half drunk bottle of wine in the fridge and think cheers! Happy Monday folks 🍷