Just for fun! Cute/ quirky and downright odd USA vs UK

😜Everything is HUGE except loaves of 🍞🍞bread!?

😫school🚌 busses stop signal means everything stops

😂You have to drive 🚗 if you wanna go out for a run🏃🏃

😉supermarkets give out carrier bags like Halloween candy

😫plugs 🔌 can and do randomly just fall out of the sockets

🌲🌸 A garden is where you grow veg🌽🍠

😱😱 public self flushing 🚽toilets that randomly flush while you’re still spending a penny

💵 You have to add tax to every price displayed in store

🏢 Meaning you can’t just spend $1 in dollar tree 😂

🏫📗 If you make a mistake in class be sure to ask for an eraser- only ask for a rubber if you want the whole class to snigger

👫 Most people will smile and say good morning at the park (it doesn’t just happen on holiday)

📪 if you block your mailbox the mailman won’t deliver your mail

📦📦 it’s acceptable to just leave parcels by your door without ringing the bell

🔫🔫🔫 Guns 😫

🔨raw plugs are called Molly’s- WTF?

🎃 you can decorate for Halloween all of October

📺 catch up tv doesn’t clog your sky box, no more worrying how much space is left

💊Viagra adverts

💄👛💰 more advert than tv programme

🏠blinds not curtains

🚔🚓 number of different types of cops!

🍟🍤 when you order fish and chips it’s loads of tiny pieces of fish with crisps

🚦you can mainly turn right on a red 👏👏👏

🍻🍷Everyone has to show ID to buy booze

☕️ you can’t get a decent cuppa it’s all 🍒 fruit flavored or black

📚 they spell funny, it’s flavoured 🇬🇧not flavored mum 🇬🇧not mom!

⚫️ a period is a full stop or end of something

🚘 unleaded petrol is called gas and has a black fuel line, diesel has green 😱😱

🚘 good news tho it costs max $40 to fill an average car (£28)

☀️ depending where you live it’s still hotter in October than your average British summer

🏩 healthcare 💵💵💵💵💵💵

🐶dogs generally walk their owners 👩

👡socks and sandals together 😱

🍫unless you like Hershey’s or peanut butter say goodbye to chocolate 😭

👸 when you say you moved from London they want to know if you’ve met the queen!

👂or tell you that they could listen to your accent all day long

👄 they say yall or y’all

⛪️ churches everywhere

🏉🏉🏉 guys wearing shoulder pads and a helmet

💉🔬 Medical bills 💵 almost every person has medical debt!

🏥 Dentists on every corner — almost opposite your churches

🐶 How many people are scared 😳 of little dogs, I mean proper terrified.

🍝🍲🚃 Food trains and offers of help when a family is in crisis 💗

😇🙏 GOD

🚗🚚🏍🚘 lane switching 😱😱😱😱😱

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