The real real truth about network marketing!

Finding it tough in your network marketing biz? Thought that the product would sell itself? Feel like your friends and family are fed up of your continual business posts? Wonder why your friends and family haven’t tried any products? Do you ever wonder if it’s all worth it? Why aren’t you a multimillionaire yet?

If you believe the hype, you can just post selfies on social media and cuddle your baby all day, and the money will come rolling in. Maybe post a picture or two of your product and a join my team post. Who wouldn’t want to buy it after your badly cropped photo that isn’t in focus???

In reality it’s a hard slog. You need to be creative, fun and prepared to put in long hours messaging people. Your uplines may suggest ways to post and in your New eagerness you’ll happily oblige. All of a sudden your friends and family think you’ve grown a dragons 🐉 head and start to avoid you. If you’re using social media alone you will need to boost posts (pay) because the social media giants have got clever and don’t share your posts for free to a wide audience. When I worked with It works the top top leaders talked about shutting themselves away from their babies for hours to do what they needed to do, and as lower ranks we were told no Bv in tv (bonus volume was what you needed to meet to earn!)

It’s called networking for a reason. Get out there and talk to people. Be excited. Sell a solution not a product. Fed up with spending a fortune on false lashes then try X mascara. Loose skin after losing weight then try X number of body wraps. Struggling to lose weight because your schedule is crazy try ……… It’s far more relatable. Now let’s think about it some more — I tried selling weight loss products, at the time I had lost a lot of weight and felt wonderful, and the products had helped. But in reality I am more known for entertaining and feeding the five thousand. I’d have done better if I’d related it more to me and my entertaining OR if I sold food related products. You have to brand you!!!

As for selling to friends and family- well that’s a huge mistake! Get them to help out to cover cost of your sign up fee if you can, or if you can afford it do it at cost price so they big you up, but that’s it — stop there!!!! You want them to remember that solution you are offering so that when their friends say how can I lose weight or have less piggy looking eyes they say “hey my friend / sister sells x ……….” How about messaging your friend you’ve not seen since high school and asking questions about them, how are they? You see they have a child undergoing xxxx and how a completely unrelated thing to your business can help. It’s called being thoughtful and they will want to repay your kindness.

I know a lot of networking people from my days in it works, and networking in Atlanta. Ultimately networkers who network are the most successful. Join a company at the right time and have a huge friend network and there will be that element of this time next year I’ll be a millionaire. Connect regularly and people will refer you. But when you’ve bled your warm market dry what do you do next? I’ve seen copious numbers of networking friends jump ship and join somewhere new recently. These people swore they had green blood, and now swear their blood is a different color! The excitement is like a drug making those deals, getting those promotions and bonuses. It got me thinking that if you changed jobs in an office environment most would not bat an eyelid, but do it in this industry and people scorn. Why? Is this fair? Well when you go on and on and on about your green blood for example and now it’s a different color you lose a little credibility.

Of my 560 Facebook friends over 200 are in network marketing. Now I appreciate that the algorithms won’t show my posts to all of them, but less than 20 regularly comment or like my posts. Less than 40 have commented or liked anything since November. I make a point of commenting on as many posts as I can and some have not even once not even replied to a comment. How is this networking? How do you expect me to recommend you to my friends? How do you expect to be successful? If you’re not taking notice of me who else are you ignoring? Don’t get me wrong I don’t need to be a constant in every friend on facebook, but if you make no effort than neither will I!

The real real truth about network marketing is that as a side job if it’s relatable to you, and you set aside time to actually network you can make a nice tidy extra income, or earn enough free product to use yourself. If you aren’t prepared to go above and beyond and go out there talking to absolutely everyone about your solution then your dreams of being a millionaire will stay just that!