Is there Spirituality in Tarot?

The first time I received a card reading I was only 15 or so. My grandmother’s neighbor read cards. She used a regular playing card deck. It completely fascinated me! And though now, 30 some odd years later, I don’t recall everything she said, the things I do recall came to pass. She was mysterious, and funny, and sweet, and full of good energy. Not once did I doubt her connection to something larger than the two of us sitting at her kitchen table.

The first time I received a tarot card reading, I was in my early 20’s. A friend had a deck and had been learning how to use them. She read for me. And once again, as we sat in her living room floor looking at the beautiful symbolism on each card, reading the book of meanings to try and glean what the message from cards was, I felt the connection to something greater.

I’ve now been studying the cards, reading them, and teaching others about them for over 20 years. I can say without reservation there IS a spiritual aspect to the cards. And this spirituality doesn’t have a particular denomination — though much of the symbolism in the cards is Christian. The spirituality of the cards lies in the person studying them.

When you pick up the deck of cards whose images speak to you the most, you are picking up the symbolic language of your spirituality. And as you consider the images on the cards, and their meanings, you’re reviewing your own belief system, your own connection to the divine. Using the cards in your daily spiritual practice can lead you to greater insights about yourself and the world around you.

The cards are used in all kinds of practices around the world from coaching to the entertainment of divining the future. But at their core, at the very center of their creation was the idea of exploring the divine in us, in the world around us, and secrets of heaven. Spirituality was the impetus of their very creation.