Design Your Fairytale!

What does the word fairytale mean to us in the Twenty-first century? Why do we read fictional “feel-good” stories of inspiring love affairs or watch “chick-flick” movies that give us goose bumps all over? Is it because we are trying to escape our boring, maybe even at times miserable mundane lives, into a world of fantasy and happy endings? Why are we attracted to heroines that overcome impossible odds and cause their men to be so smitten that they will fight battles for them, change their lives for them or even die for them? There is a certain degree of truth in every fictional story. Authors write them because many aspects of real life inspire them. Their stories mirror real life actions and attitudes.

We can learn from fairytales. We can learn from their heroines if we are willing. In real life, a fairy tale could be another word for an “extremely blessed life.” My challenge to women of all ages is to pursue their fairy tale. Create it yourself. We have all dreamed of a prince charming coming one day and rescuing us out of our dull, unexciting lives into a life of eternal comfort and bliss.

Although no life will ever be perfect as in a storybook, there are certain things we can do to come as close to accomplishing this fairytale life this side of heaven. We have to turn ourselves into the “modern-day Cinderella.” Prince Charming will never be attracted to a woman or young girl who is rash, needy or demanding. He wants a woman of a strong moral character, who radiates an inner happiness that makes her stand out in a dark society. He wants a woman who will bring out the best in him. One he can proudly bring home to grandma. When a man finds a woman worth changing for, his metamorphosis is inevitable.

But whether we’re looking for prince charming or not, we can design our own fairytale by avoiding certain pitfalls throughout life and living within clear marked boundaries. Our fairytale is like a canvas for which we have to gradually find the pieces. One day it will be a beautiful picture.

Dare to be a lady!

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