There is No Such Thing as a Lavender Emergency, and Other Wisdom from my Interview with a Lavender Farmer

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm is a little pop of purple tucked into the rolling greens and golds of the Walla Walla Valley in Southeastern Washington. I visited during their U-pick season, and spent such a relaxing afternoon in late June, picking flowers, and sipping lavender lemonade. The view of the purple and white rows of lavender on a backdrop of alfalfa and wheat fields is just stunning.

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm

The lavender’s fresh scent permeated the air of the entire grounds, lulling me into a mellow mood. For the rest of the day I felt this calm and desire to go a little slower. This faded as the week wore on, but then I could look at and smell my bouquet of lavender mixed with bright yellow and red flowers and be reminded of that feeling.

Is that sense of calm always there on a lavender farm? I had my suspicions that the answer was no, but I learned from owners Karen and Jean-Paul Grimaud, that just like the many varieties of lavender, there are many shades to that answer.

“It’s a little bit of an illusion we create,” Karen says as we sit down on their shaded porch overlooking the fields. Soft music mixes with the trickle of a water fountain in the background. We sip lavender lemonade…

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