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You’re self-evidently WRONG to say “I am not a racist” 
but (pointing at those who make you uncomfortable by citing FACTS) “Anytime someone starts a sentence with ‘A black man’ or 
‘A Mexican‘ or ‘A Hispanic’, THEY are racist. 
When you watch the news on TV and you see a cop kill a man 
and you say ‘A white cop killed a black man’ you are a racist.”

Your name-calling, 
calling others racist for mentioning racial injustices is WAY off base; 
(start with

(AKA your “guilty fleas” make you itch…)

You can’t 
be truly so CLUELESS; institutional racism is REAL and PROFOUND, 
from the beginnings of 
American history through the present;

See, e.g. and

An unarmed Black men killed by a “border patrol” cop for 
living and driving near a 
“target area” border between Black & White segregated neighborhoods 
(in a town called “Hamiltucky” 
 because it’s near the Ohio-Kentucky border 
w/ a significant history 
 associated with the 
“underground railroad” — one of MANY examples of how a good 
 understanding of history helps 
 makes current events easier to understand.)

US “history” as taught to kids (the only history for most Americans) is mostly propaganda affecting American political beliefs;

Black History Month is just one attempt to correct some of that; 
e.g. history books used in schools 
(other than during Black History Month)
Black History Month being just on attempt to correct some of that; 
e.g. history books used in schools 
(other than during Black History Month)
calling slaves “immigrants” and “servants” who “loved their masters” 
and denial & suppression of the FACTS of American history
and not just surrounding slavery & the Civil War 
including FACTS about the several wars against MEXICANS 
and other “Hispanic” nations 
and ESPECIALLY the denial & suppression 
of the genocidal extermination of Indians in California 
conveniently blamed on the Spanish 
(even is guilty; 
 just Google California Genocide, 
and compare the mestizo population of Latin America 
to the population of Anglo Indians in this country — “Indian” 
by the way is from Columbus' letter referring to “Gente in Dios” — 
people of God, NOT the BS “history” spoon fed to 
children about Columbus thinking he was in Asia; 
he knew very well 
where he was…) 
and your ignorance of history may be attributable to 
systematic DELIBERATE 
racism & Anglo-centrism in childish US “history”, 
controlled by a small 
committee in Texas that controls not only US history for kids 
in Texas, 
but also Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas 
(here), etc, but, because book publishers have to 
get through that committee 
for the former confederacy, the entire country is miseducated, 
but you canNOT be so easily forgiven for your willful “ignorance” 
of current events… 
THAT ellipsis WAY too long for this post…
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