Where to go for Open Source Software & Blockchain Development?

Open Source Software (OSS) has emerged as a definitive trend in the IT industry across the world, with many global IT companies now heavily dependent on it. OSS offers a number of advantages over the customary proprietary software and solutions, such as, cost-efficiency, full customization, brand awareness, flexibility and a broader scope of possibilities from greater contribution.

There are many talented developers that are feeding this open source movement with their selfless work. At the same time, there are many others who want to contribute to open source, but can’t — mainly because they don’t have enough means to support a passion project, with their time consumed by paying jobs to make ends meet.

By the same token, there are many businesses and projects that need to get their work done without delay, and also don’t mind paying a reasonable price for to do so. Meet…

FundRequest has created an efficient marketplace where both the developers and companies can meet to fulfill their respective needs. The companies/businesses can post their open source projects with a pre-funded reward that is locked into a smart contract, and as a result discover proficient developers more quickly and easily than before. While developers can choose the suitable projects out of the many OSS projects on offer on the FundRequest platform

The clients project or issue, featured on the FundRequest platform is made available to invite the prolific open source community (of over 28 million) on GitHub to solve and earn the reward. If a solution by a developer is approved by the client, the smart contract releases the reward. These rewards are facilitated with the FundRequest Token (FND), however can be made and received in any ERC20 based token.

FundRequest creates a win-win scenario for both OSS developers and OSS enterprise, business, and individual passion projects.

FundRequest Launch Arkane Network

FundRequest has recently announced the imminent launch of the Arkane Network, for the use of crypto users and developers. The Arkane Network provides one account to manage all crypto wallets on multiple blockchains, secure access, asset transfer, and wallet recovery. Furthermore, it allows developers to develop multi-blockchain applications, access to user friendly SDK or APIs, and automatic wallet creation.

FundRequest is poised to scale at fast pace, by providing a much needed solution for OSS development, with greater opportunities for earning profits.

Soon to be the ‘go-to’ place for open source and blockchain development.

To find out more head to: FundRequest.io.

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