There is a labyrinth lost deep into the woods of Amecalyath.

The labyrinth resides within crumbling structures of stone.

The sun has dried out and all that remains are clouds.

There is a boy that for all intents and purposes isn’t human; he is the owner of such a place.

Corpses are dismantled and made into puppets starved for flesh.

Humans are lured into the labyrinth with a false promise of wealth and recompense but are stripped to the bone by the other participants.

For the specially intelligent, the sirens’ song will deter their iron will, befuddling their senses and luring them straight to death.

Though cruel in regard, a practical deceiver.

Each trial passed, one step closer to surrendering free will.

Eternal in apparance, an ancient monster responsible for numerous disappearances.

Should the monster lend a compassionate hand, the mortal’s chances of returning to the present world are reduced to dust.

Vacant eyes will watch, mirthless dancing will ensue, meaningful chats will be had, delicious food will be served and wisdom beyond ages will be gathered all for naught.

Once you’ve entered his labyrinth, the deal has been made and his realm sealed.


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